Latest Winners:
sadi53 - £21.25
Fairground Frenzy
sadi53 - £57.25
Fairground Frenzy
mergaret - £52.05
Precious Stones
Latest Winners:

sadi53 - £21.25 in Fairground Frenzy sadi53 - £57.25 in Fairground Frenzy mergaret - £52.05 in Precious Stones sadi53 - £79.25 in Fairground Frenzy

Palace Winners

We've had some fantastic wins at Bingo Palace! Here are a few testimonials from your fellow players:

Our Piggy Bank Jackpot won’t sit still!

We’ve already had an unbelievable 10 wins of our minimum £500 jackpot this year! In 2014 we had 92 Piggy Bank Jackpot Winners!

That’s over £46,000 in jackpot prizes! WOW!

Here’s what some Bingo Palace Piggy Bank winners have had to say about their wins:

"Thank you once AGAIN for my Piggy Jackpot win! I say again as this is my 2nd JP win in just over a week! People think Jackpots are hard to win but not with our site, the Piggy JP is won on a very regular basis, no long waits like many sites. So all you other players, buy into it and enjoy a great prize is my advice. Many many thanks - JANNY008" - Winner, £524.42

Congratulations to our Now Serving promo winner for May:


The leader board is already filling up for our "Now Serving" promo for June! Click Here for more information!

On May 25th, we ran our ever popular Alpha Blitz room to help you enjoy your bank holiday! With great chat games, cash prizes and a list of spring time words, our players spent 6 fabulous hours competing for our top prizes! Not bad for less than £20 to play!We gave away cash and bonus prizes in 3 categories! Here are your winners!

Most Letters won:

  1. JANNY008 - 23 letters - £100 cash
  2. tricia - 19 letters - £10 bonus
  3. Chris60 - 17 letters - £10 bonus

Most Words Won:

  1. billyntilly - 11 words - £100 cash
  2. alibee - 6 words - £10 bonus
  3. ChickieIsBack - 4 words - £10 bonu

Word Submision (words made only with your letters won and submitted to promotions!):

  1. ineedsomeluck - "WANGHEE" - £50 cash
  2. Cruzin4aWin - "KERNELLING" - £10 bonus
  3. jaob61 - "ANNAKE" - £10 bonus

Thank you to all of our players who participated and congratulations to our winners! We'll be running another Alpha Blitz tournament soon so stay tuned and keep your dictionaries ready!